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Fedora XII is out

Creo que el titulo se explica a si mismo:


En otros asuntos, proximamente migrare el software bajo el que corre este sitio (OMFGGG!!!G!G!!!), aun no decido a que, pero... meh. Los mantendre informados

Cambio de... pues de todo

Pues he cambiado de empleo (afortunadamente), no voy a decir mucho de la anterior compañía donde estaba trabajando, solamente que mi salida fue por motivos personales (de salud mas que nada), y la verdad es que muchas ganas de regresar no me quedaron. Durante todo el tiempo que estuve ahi ...

Fedora, NetworkManager, hostname, DHCP

So after my last post I went on and started testing different configs to pinpoint where exactly the problem was. I didn't want to do that because I'm a lazy guy, but incredibly enough, google gave only vague results concerning my predicament.

The Problem

... or more like "annoyance ...

Whatever happened to the hostname?

Dear lazy web:

I have two machines working right now, one with fedora, the other with ubuntu live cd. Both machines connect wirelessly to my main router, but only the ubuntu machine displays its hostname in the router client table (in this case "ubuntu"), while the fedora machine is identified ...

I have no words to say...

Literally, I have no words to say.

I've been pretty much out of the whole picture these last couple of weeks. But the main reason is that I had my tonsillectomy on the 28th. I was mostly mute for the whole week, and I survived mostly out of the ...

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